is an owner operated team specializing in concierge management & maintenance of NJ beach and coastal elite valued commercial & residential real estate.

Our principles are Care, Show It, Prove It!

We live out our principles by embodying our values; empathy, optimism, intellectual curiosity, strong work ethic, high integrity, self-awareness, and compassionate directness.

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Our Services

IKON Management Group - Monthly/Bi-Monthly Walk-Through


Monthly/Bi-Monthly Walk-Through

Each month, our property managers will enter your property to conduct a walkthrough of the home. This process allows us to identify potential "problem areas" that require immediate attention. The entire walk-through will be documented through high-resolution photos and videos, which will be uploaded to your online owner portal.

IKON Management Group - Regular Reporting


Regular Reporting

Even when you're not home, you will still be able to get a bird's-eye view of everything that happens on your property. It will be as if you were right there with us! Through our IKON Management company's cutting-edge owner's portal, you can receive real-time updates on projects, payments, and more.

IKON Management Group - Housekeeping & UpKeep


Housekeeping & UpKeep

We offer personalized housekeeping that meets your needs and will exceed your expectations. We will assist in hiring a professional home cleaning service or manage your existing company to make sure that your property is as neat and clean as you expect.

IKON Management Group - Repair Management


Repair Management

If we discover components of your home that require repairs, a member of our team will get in touch with you immediately. As per company policy, we will always wait for your approval before proceeding with any and all repairs. We can and will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of repairs along with other pertinent information.

IKON Management Group - Project Supervision


Project Supervision/ Owner's Representative

If you're planning on making changes or capital improvements to your property, whether it's to construct a pool or to transform your home into an open-plan space, a qualified member of our team can supervise the entire project from beginning to completion.

IKON Management Group - Yard & Garden Maintenance


Yard & Garden Maintenance

Our clients' luxury homes often come with the most opulent gardens. We will hire a professional landscaper who will regularly tend to your plants and maintain any water features that you might have.

IKON Management Group - Regular Safety Inspections


Regular Safety Inspections

Our property managers will perform regular inspections of your home to ensure that it is free from dangers that may put your household's life at risk. We will check everything, including your smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, floorboards, doors and windows, etc.

IKON Management Group - Appliances & Electronics


Appliances & Electronics Checks

If you're going on a month-long vacation, you probably don't have the time to check if your refrigerator is empty or if you unplugged all of your devices. We'll make sure that all of your appliances and electronics are well-maintained so that you can come home to a fully functioning house.

IKON Management Group - Mail Retrieval


Mail Retrieval

You no longer have to worry about porch pirates. If you're expecting packages to be delivered to your home, simply inform us in advance. We will make sure that the package is received and stored securely inside your home. If you'd like us to forward the mail to you, we can ship it locally or internationally.

IKON Management Group - Disaster Preparedness


Disaster Preparedness

The moment we receive news of extreme weather, we will take immediate action to prepare your property for the natural disaster or worst situation. This includes bringing furniture indoors, reinforcing the windows, and so on. Once the storm has passed, our team will inspect the home for damages.

"People Before Profits"

Our Commitment to You



Attention to

Every property that we manage receives the special attention you expect and deserve. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, which ensures that each job is done properly. We take the time to establish our relationship and familiarize ourselves with each client's unique wants and needs so that we can offer an all-inclusive service that is unlike any other.

IKON Management Group - Attention to Detail
IKON Management Group - Quality Workmanship




We have decades long relationships with some of the best contractors, vendors, and suppliers in the state. This allows us to provide our clients with unmatched workmanship, offering premium finishing's, carefully selected materials, and more. Through our project over-site service, IKON guarantee's that your renovation project will be a success.




We put great importance on keeping our clients up-to-date on the activities that we perform on their properties. Our cloud based owner's portal allows us to continually communicate 24/7 with our clients to provide updates on inspections, maintenance, repairs, renovations, etc.

IKON Management Group - Ongoing Communication


We understand how demanding maintaining a luxury home can be. From coordinating with vendors to supervising projects, the amount of work can be overwhelming. We understand the concern as owners of valuable real estate and properties when you can't see or monitor your investment. Visualize not having to fear about your property when you're not there. Visualize the luxury of having professionals whose job it is to keep your high-end home/property in impeccable condition. Visualize having a home that is cared for, down to the smallest detail.

With IKON Management, you can have that and more! You can benefit from having a trusted partner who can handle every aspect of property management.

We do the hard work so that you have the time to do the things that matter to you. With our dedicated maintenance teams, contractors, and cloud-based owner's portal, we provide unmatched property maintenance and preservation services to all our clients throughout New Jersey.

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